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Life (and your business) really is simple…it’s us that make it hard.

The day to day, creating the strategy and, of course, implementing, building a business that constantly grows and fits your lifestyle can become overwhelming. I’m here to help you get rid of the overwhelm of running your business. From figuring out what systems and tools you need for running your business, to the team you need in your corner, my goal is to keep all things simple.

Delegating Ninja

The training that will teach you how to take projects off your plate…and keep them off.

Your Right Hand

Every business needs one but are you ready for one?

Meet the delegation queen herself — Kyna B.

Overwhelmed. That was — and if I am honest, sometimes it still is — my middle name. #WorkInProgress

My goal is to help women get rid of the overwhelm of running their business. One of the ways I do this is teach you how to delegate. It’s not that we can’t do it all by ourselves…it’s that we shouldn’t!

Multi-passionate. Yes, I am! I have learned to feed ALL of my passions and not feel guilty about it.

All In. ← One of the keys to creating your team.

Creativity flows through me…and I am sure through you, too! I use this for visuals but also for solving challenges that come up in the business. I work with thought leaders, pioneers, and high-performing entrepreneurs. On an even more personal level I am mother to 4, wife to 1.

Simply Kyna B.

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