Too much of anything is no good.
– too much food or certain types of food can lead to health problems
– too much feedback can cause you to be stagnate and not make decisions that are best for you
– too much info can cause you to over analyze leading to procrastination
– too many people (like that meeting that you were in earlier today) can make decision making difficult or cause things NOT to happen
What can you do?
STOP! Quiet your mind, clear the space you are in, take a nap, in essence you have to take time to get an understanding of what it is you are trying to do.
Identify what you need, not what you want…yet
How do you want to feel? What experience do you want to have? For me it’s all about doing what makes me feel good and what makes since for my vision.
Now it’s time to decide – What do you want to replace the feeling of overwhelm with? (clarity, a doable plan) This is where you start dreaming with a time when you aren’t overwhelmed. For me it’s in the form of affirmations that I can easily turn to when I am feeling overwhelmed and that give me the ability to quickly get back to that joy-filled space.
What do you have too much of? What are you willing to do to get rid of the excess in your life and business?