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Road Less Traveled

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2 Words that are causing you to be overwhelmed

Too much of anything is no good. - too much food or certain types of food can lead to health problems - too much feedback can cause you to be stagnate and not make decisions that are best for you - too much info can cause you to over analyze leading to procrastination - too [...]

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Vegged out on Mother’s Day

I vegged out on Mother's Day and I don't feel guilty about it. How often do we as mothers take time to do absolutely nothing? Probably not often enough... and then on top of that when we do take time out for ourselves, some how we feel guilty... or maybe it's just me *shrugs shoulders* [...]

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Simplifying procastination

After countless hours, several paragraphs written, erased, and then written again, it’s finally finished! What you ask? This blog post! The outline had been written for days but for one reason or another (*cough* *cough* procrastination mixed with a little fear of putting myself out there (again)), it took me a lot longer than I [...]

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