After countless hours, several paragraphs written, erased, and then written again, it’s finally finished!

What you ask?

This blog post!

The outline had been written for days but for one reason or another (*cough* *cough* procrastination mixed with a little fear of putting myself out there (again)), it took me a lot longer than I anticipated.

What I realized was that I was making this process hard. Much like many other things, I was over thinking something that I had done several times before. Because I was in this so called pursuit of perfection, I kept starting and stopping. Doing things like:

  • analyzing where I would promote the post,
  • asking myself if this fits the new Simply Kyna B brand.
  • even am I dotting my t’s and crossing my i’s (yes I know I said it backwards but that’s for you grammar critics)

As with many things these days, I began to ask why am I having such a difficult time with this. Why am I procrastinating? How can I make this simple so that I will accomplish my goal?

Here is the thing – I set a goal to write everyday. I knew that if I go through this everyday, with the anxiety, hesitating, and questioning everything I write, I am not going to accomplish my goal.

So to help get through this, I thought the one thing I could do is get the how will I make sure I would make sure I write everyday. The question of why I kept procrastination would require some long term work and evaluation. 🙂

Here is the system that I use to make sure I write everyday: Evernote

  1. Have a list of topics, ideas, and notes for potential blog posts and articles. I started using Evernote about three years ago and one of the notes I use regularly is my Ideas note. If you haven’t already, find a place to store all of your ideas so that when it is time to write you have a list of topics to reference.
  2. Determine how long it takes to write a blog post AND then schedule it. I have found that if I don’t put it on my schedule, it probably won’t get done. Here is the thing though, I have to be “in the mood” to write. So what happens when I have it scheduled and I am not motivated? I am training and pushing myself to attempt write during that time. If I still don’t finish it during that time, I make sure that I at least have an outline or completed template with an image that will accompany the post.
  3. Develop an outline or template for writing your posts.
    • My template is
      • story,
      • 3 – 5 points or examples,
      • action list, and
      • a question to engage my readers
  4. Find a visual that compliments the post.

GET MORE DONE TIP: When you are in a writing mood, try to knock out several posts at a time.

GET MORE DONE TIP 2: If writing stumps you, record a video or audio. This system has been helpful, I just have to make sure that I keep it up…perhaps I need to add an accountability partner to the mix!

What do you do when you find yourself procrastinating?